In previous years I did what so many do who want to do get fit: I got myself a gym membership and visited a gym here in East London at least twice a week.

Pilates in HackneySomehow, this entire routine had become quite boring.

I felt that a would probably be better off with “low energy” exercises to stay in shape.

I was always looking for a more fun way to something for my body, along the lines of maybe yoga or martial arts.

I felt that good exercise routines should also have a positive effect on my mind.

This is when I discovered Pilates. If you ask me, this is like the perfect balance between exercising and relaxing.

Rather than just going to a gym like it did for, those Pilates courses in Hackney are really a lot more fun. One reason, this is a quite enjoyable and fun group of about 15 folks with a really good teacher. The second one, it’s not as tedious and tiring.

So if you are playing good idea to get in shape this spring, maybe you should look into Pilates classes to. Just know that not all fitness gyms here in East London offer Pilates courses. So you might probably need to look around a bit until you find a suitable gym.

Of course, depending on your own preferences and taste you can always look into other types of fitness classes, it doesn’t have to be Pilates.  How about joining a dance class or stretching courses? The better fitness gyms should always have a range of courses available where you can choose from.