I am very thankful that Jerry gave me the tip about magnetic therapy and magnetic jewellery two months ago. He told me about them after I told him about my fatigue and troubles focusing while working in the studio.

Magnetic Sports Bracelets

Magnetic Sports Bracelets

He told me he had the same kind of problems not too long ago.

His acupuncture practitioner told him to try magnetic bracelets and they were working exceptionally well for him.

So naturally I tried them as well and can only confirm that I feel more energy now and can also focus a lot better while at work.

If you never heard of magnetic bracelets before, they’re used in what’s called magnetic therapy.

The theory behind them is that the magnets on those bracelets can influence our health and well-being in a positive way.

It’s said that the magnets  have an effect on our blood cells and how much oxygen they can carry.

There have been studies performed that confirmed that they are effective, also for the treatment of all kinds of illnesses where conventional medicine does often not help.

I just wanted to share this with all you guys out there who like me spend many hours working in an office, on a computer and so forth. But those bracelets are also great if you love sports or whatever outdoor activities. In fact, I just gave one sports bracelet to Jeffrey because he got curious to use one of them when he’s on the golf course. So far he told me he is seeing good results because he has less wrist pains now even after a very long time putting.

If you look around on the internet you can easily find a good number of vendors where you can get magnetic jewellery.