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My Experience With The Singing Waiters London

There are certainly a bunch of occasions where a normal stereo system for musical party entertainment simply won’t do: Let’s say you plan a big party or you may happen to be a business owner and you want to hold a large corporate event. And of course there are occasions such as wedding receptions and similar where you want something for your guests.

The Singing Waiters

The Singing Waiters London

Last week I had the pleasure to see The Singing Waiters London. It was at my company’s yearly outdoor picnic.

Normally, my bosses really don’t do much in terms of musical entertainment for those events. The last couple of years we had a DJ and he was definitely pretty good I have to day.

But this time was just amazing. Obviously, no one of the about 100 guests knew that the singing waiters would be there at the party.

This is what makes them so different. They mingled with all the waiters and some of them actually served food and drinks as far as a I remember.

Then, about 6’o’ clock in the evening, the “waiters” all of a sudden started to put on some sort of funny act but of course no-one still didn’t know what was going on at that moment. It took about a minute or so when all of a sudden music came on and the waiters started singing and dancing.

Everyone started clapping and dancing and then the “waiters” started to pull up some of the guests onto the stage too! They went through a whole bunch of popular songs and their performance was just out of this world!

We had even more fun when some of the less than sober guests joined in with them singing. It didn’t take 5 minutes and the entire party went crazy laughing, dancing and clapping with the singing waiters London.

All I can tell you, if you plan an event like a wedding reception you should definitely check out the singing waiters because they will make your party outstanding! You can book them if you want to hire musicians locally and it will be an awesome experience.


Decorating A Coastal Style Home

You don’t really *have to* live near a beach, the coastal style for your house can be perfect especially if you live in a warmer climate.

What’s so cool about it, you can decorate your home in a coastal style without having to spend a fortune. Sometimes it’s really easy to accomplish. Over at the Huffington Post at there are some tips that can help you!

Often, all you need would be a variety of outdoor fabrics and decorative accessories such as a hanging mat and you can transform your home into a maritime beauty in no time. Check out the above link for ideas!

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